Heather Taylor, Director, CLEO

Heather Taylor is the Founder and President of CLEO. Seeing a gap in the marketplace, Heather set out to create the networking group we all wanted. In every position Heather has held in her career she has brought business people together to build their business, learn from each other, and invest in themselves. Her drive and determination has set CLEO on a path to be incredibly successful. You can reach Heather at heather@growwithcleo.com.

Kathy Breitenbucher is the Vice President of the Board. Excited to be a part of a group that broadened the reach of networking while supporting women, Kathy was eager to be a part of the organization. She will facilitate the Medina County CLEO on the Go and is looking forward to meeting great women business leaders. kathy@thepedestalgroup.com

Kathy Breitenbucher, 2023
Missy McWhorter, Board Member

Secretary of the Board Missy McWhorter has always supported small business owners and entrepreneurs and is a fierce networker. As the Executive Director of the Fairlawn Area Chamber of Commerce she has advanced businesses throughout the Fairlawn area. She is looking forward to meeting individuals from outside her area and helping them grow. missyk161@gmail.com

Pat Vickers, Treasurer of the Board, is so excited to be a part of this new group: Connecting, Learning, Engaging & Organizing women in our footprint to be better in all aspects of their lives. Known as a connector, she loves to find how she can help people both professionally and personally. pat.vickers@sbcglobal.net


Pat Vickers, Board Member